Amazing Apricot Kernel Oil

by Purple Herbal

It’s summer time and since I love being out in the sun, my skin and hair need extra moisturizing to maintain a healthy glow. I decided to introduce apricot kernel oil into my beauty regimen, because it is an extremely nourishing and restorative natural cold pressed oil.

Rich in essential fatty acids along with a high vitamin A, C, and E content, apricot kernel oil soothes skin and reduces wrinkles by increasing skin’s elasticity. It’s moisturizing and conditioning qualities make dry hair super sexy and glossy. The best thing about AKO is it’s mild enough to be used on all skin types. Also, it absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue.

Apply the oil to your face and body after bathing or showering for beautiful, glowing skin. While hair is still wet, rub a few drops through those tresses with your fingertips and don’t forget about your scalp. See for yourself how great your skin and hair can look after a few treatments!