Hollywood, Grapeseed Oil, and Flawless Skin

by Purple Herbal

The DailyMail recently wrote an article about Hollywood actress Emma Stone’s supermarket beauty secret for flawless skin. The actress made it known that she uses grapeseed oil several times daily to keep her complexion smooth and blemish free.

At $3 a bottle, grape seed oil is a very inexpensive moisturizing option, especially for someone who could buy any cream or lotion that she wanted. Considering, though, that most moisturizers on the market are laden with chemicals and petroleum by-products, Stone has made a wise decision in choosing this gentle oil for her delicate porcelain visage. Stone revealed that because of her sensitive skin, it is one of the few products she can actually use on her skin without irriation.

Grapeseed oil is an extremely effective moisturizer. Light and odorless, it is great for sensitive skin, but works well on all skin types. Oily and acne prone skin especially love grapeseed oil, because it does not clog pores.

Made from grape seeds that are discarded in the wine making process, grapeseed oil contains more omega-6 fatty acids than most other oils. Not only is it in high demand in the cosmetic industry, makes a fantastic massage carrier oil, but grapeseed oil is also an exceptional oil to cook with. It has a very high smoke point which makes it preferable to use over other oils when cooking at high temperatures.