10 Easy to Find Wild Medicinal Herbs

by Purple Herbal

It’s sad to think that almost all of these plants are considered weeds by most people. Little do they realize how powerfully medicinal they are in treating many diseases of the human body.

Now that it’s nearly summer, it’s become easy to find these useful medicinal herbs outside in nature. On my daily walks through the woods near my house, I always see these herbs growing.

Thought I’d share some pictures so that you may be able to find them too. If you plan on harvesting these herbs in the wild, please make sure that no fertilizers were used nearby where they grow.


A great liver and blood cleanser. It’s a diuretic. Helps clear up kidney infections, liver disorders, joint inflammation, and skin conditions. A powerful detoxifying herb. The whole plant can be used. The young leaves in the spring make a wonderful salad green. The root can be made into a decoction or tincture to use medicinally.


Known for it’s purple prickly burrs that stick to anything it comes in contact with, the root is a powerful detoxifying agent. Burdock root also acts as a diuretic and laxative. When made into a decoction or tincture, burdock is especially powerful  at curing skin disorders and arthritic conditions. The leaves may also be used on the skin to heal poison ivy and poison oak.

Yellow Dock

Yellow Dock is a detoxifying herb, like burdock root. It helps heal skin conditions, liver disorders, and poor digestion. Compounds in the roots have been shown to get rid of arsenic and lead in the system. Young leaves are a great source of vitamin A.


Applied externally as a poultice, plantain leaves are great at healing infections, stings, and bug bites. They help stop bleeding of wounds. An infusion of the leaves is good for colds and flues  A decoction of the roots is helpful for the kidneys and digestive system. In ancient times, this plant was used for almost every medical condition.


Great for calming the nerves and relieving heart palpitations and other heart conditions. Promotes relaxation. A very bitter herb. Name comes from the fact that this herb is a great tonic for women. It improves fertility, regulates the menstrual cycle, and promotes the menstrual cycle in women for which it is delayed.

Red Clover

Red clover helps reduce symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis because of its high isoflavone content. Improves blood flow. May prevent some forms of cancer. Drinking red clover tea is a great remedy for many skin conditions.


Catnip is an herb that is useful in digestive disorders. Has the ability to reduce fever caused by a cold or flu. Known to relieve colic in babies. Helps stomach and digestive problems.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Rich in B vitamins, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. Red raspberry leaf tea helps to increase fertility in men and women. It increase mother’s milk after giving birth. Used by women to strengthen their reproductive systems.


Anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, and improves circulation. Native Americans chewed the leaves to relieve toothaches. Excellent remedy for colds and flu.

St. John’s Wort

Widely known as a treatment for depression. May be helpful for PMS. Oil made from the leaves is helpful in relieving wounds and abrasions.