Roses – To Make Your Skin Bloom

by Purple Herbal

Perhaps the most beloved off all flowers, roses have a long and rich history of being used to beautify and perfume the skin. Since the 10th century AD, rose oil and rose water have been distilled from rose flower petals, in order to gain access to the distinctly therapeutic properties contained within them.

Rose oil and rose water moisturize and firm skin, as well as reduce redness and inflammation. There is never any worry about whether rose will cause irritation. It is incredibly gentle. Yet, other properties of rose  include being anti-septic, tonic, and astringent. Making it very versatile.

All skin types can benefit from using rose. Rose is cooling and comforting, and seems to impart its inherent beauty onto us. And rose is particularly suited for mature, dry, and sensitive skin types.

Just be sure to dilute pure rose oil in a carrier oil, like almond or grapeseed oil, before applying it to the skin. Rose water can be used undiluted.

One of the benefits of incorporating rose into your skin care routine, is that you get to enjoy one of the most exquisite aromas in the world every time you freshen up. It might even improve your mood, as rose oil is used in aromatherapy to help relieve grief, irritability, and depression.

When buying products with rose in them, make sure you’re getting the real deal. Check that it contains natural or genuine rose oil or water. Synthetic rose fragrance is not what you want.

I recently started using Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel as a cleanser and toner for my skin. It contains rose water and natural rose fragrance. When I put it on, it’s like putting on perfume. And, not surprisingly, I get a nice rosy hue from using it. I don’t normally wear foundation, so I like to have my skin looking as best as it can. Also, my pores are on the large side, and the witch hazel helps shrink them.

Alternative uses of rose are taking the dried flowers petals and powdering them to use as a face mask, or as an ingredient for a scrub or body powder. Rose oil can be put into any cream, shampoo, conditioner, or face wash. Rose water can be put into toners or even into certain recipes, like rice pudding.

I just love roses!!