Oat Straw Tea – Soothes Nerves, Relieves Stress, and Calms Emotions

by Purple Herbal

We all know how the seeds of the oat plant, eaten as oatmeal, have the ability to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. But something you may not know is that there is an even more beneficial part of the oat plant that, when drank as an infusion, is highly nourishing and calming to the body.

Oats aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

Oat straw, the cut leaves and stalk of the oat plant, is considered by herbalists to be one of the best nerve tonics for the human body. It alleviates anxiety and relieves stress by rejuvenating and strengthening the nervous system with a  nourishing mix of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, silica, and phosphorous.

Emotions are calmed and thinking becomes more clear when using this herb.

The taste of the tea is sweet and subdued. Not at all what you’d expect from such a strengthening infusion. And there are no adverse effects from drinking it long term. It can be drank every day for any kind of nervous disorder. I’ve even read that this herb has aphrodisiac effects on the body, due to its ability to bring about such a state of calm relaxation

People with osteoporosis can also benefit from drinking oat straw tea, as it is known to strengthen the bones, skin, and hair because of its high silica content.

To make oat straw tea, use 1 tbsp. of cut herb per cup of water. Drink 1 -4 cups per day to enjoy the benefits of this amazing plant. Please note that since herbs work slowly, but surely, allow 2-3 weeks to experience the full effects.