Honey (Nature’s Liquid Gold) – An Unbeatable Antibiotic

by Purple Herbal

For thousands of years, humans have valued honey as a food source and sweetener. Honey was also used by ancient peoples in religious ceremonies, as well as for medicinal purposes, in order to treat infections and other ailments.

Even up until WWII, honey was utilized as a medical treatment because of it’s strong antibacterial properties. But, after the discovery of penicillin and other antibacterial drugs, the use of honey as a medicine declined dramatically.

Since then, the misuse and overuse of antibiotics has become prevalent. Doctors prescribe antibiotics too often or when they are not appropriate (antibiotics won’t work for viral and fungal infections), and the consumption of antibiotics in our food (70% of antibiotics used in the USA are given to livestock) have created antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. These strains of bacteria are potentially life threatening to humans.

Medical researchers have been working to try to solve the problem of getting rid of these ‘superbugs’. But it seems the answer is as simple and sweet…as Honey!

Honey has unique properties that prohibit the growth of bacteria. It’s high sugar and low water content do not allow bacteria to grow in it. There is also hydrogen peroxide in the honey, that comes from an enzyme that bees add to it.  Manuka honey, from a specific region in New Zealand, has shown to be particularly effective in fighting against the antibiotic resistant forms of bacteria. Researchers are still trying to figure out exactly what the ‘something else’ is in Manuka honey is, but it remains elusive. Not only does manuka honey fight against bacteria, but also fungi and protozoa.

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties too. And research has found that untreatable wounds, from certain types of cancer for example, can be healed with honey when no other treatment has worked in the past.

It’s amazing to think that nature has provided us with such a versatile and useful product that can benefit our lives in many ways. I’ve used honey, in the past, as a face mask to help heal my acne and scars. And I continue to use it internally whenever I feel a sickness coming on, usually mixed with lemon juice. It’s a very tasty drink, mixed with a little bit of mineral water it’s more like a spritzer that calms and soothes my throat. I stick with raw honey, that has the pollen and wax in it, because it hasn’t been as processed as much, and there’s a lot more nutrients in it.


Real honeycomb can also be purchased, and eaten whole…wax cells and all. It’s really quite delicious, actually!

Who knew regurgitated flower nectar could be so valuable to us humans??!! Thank you honey bees 🙂