A Shock of Cold Water Is Good For You

by Purple Herbal

Ever wonder why those people in Russia and Eastern Europe are jumping into frozen seas and lakes, seemingly torturing themselves?

I never understood why someone would want to do that to themselves, until I discovered the true power of cold temperature treatments on the body. Cold invigorates and rejuvenates. It improves circulation and the immune system, makes for healthy skin and hair, and increases energy.

Starting to think that taking a cold plunge might not be so bad after all?

Before you decide to jump directly into an icy lake or river, or run half naked into a snowbank, it might be better to first try easing into the cold.

The best (and probably easiest) way to feel the benefits of a cold water treatment would be to take a “Scottish Shower.” This is where one takes a hot shower first, and then gradually decreases the temperature of the water to cold.  James Bond took this kind of shower, and he’s a badass, so you know it’ll be good for you. 🙂

What I like to do is use the sauna first, and then take a cold shower. After using the sauna, I cannot wait to get into the cold.

People with heart disease, high blood pressure, or those who are feverish should take caution when using cold water treatments on their body. Most of us can benefit from cold water, though. Cold water gets our heart pumping and our blood moving. It reduces stress, and some also say depression, and can prolong health and longevity.

I never feel as invigorated as when I take a cold shower. Sometimes after I take a hot shower, instead of standing in the cold water, I’ll get out, take a wash cloth and run it under cold water to use on my legs, arms, face, etc… I always rub towards my heart.

Cold water treatments have been used for thousands of years all over the world to maintain physical health. Spiritual cleansing from the cold was also utilized by people like the Japanese, Russians, and Native Americans throughout history.