Natural Headache Relief

by Purple Herbal

I don’t get headaches very often, so when I do they are a terrible nuisance! I always opt for a natural approach to curing them, as opposed to taking over the counter pain medication or other pharmaceuticals. I’d like to share some of the ways I deal with the headaches I get, so that you may be able to take a natural approach yourself the next time you have a nagging pain in your head.

There are many different causes of headaches: stress, eye strain, PMS, hangover, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, infection from toxins, and nutritional deficiencies. If someone has chronic headaches, I would imagine that a nutritional deficiency or other biological issue (high blood pressure, etc…) would probably be to blame or they have a large amount of stress is in their life. They could also be allergic to certain foods like dairy products, chocolate, chicken, or liver. Or perhaps, some of the cosmetics body care products, or perfumes a person uses are to blame, because they have artificial fragrances and ingredients which act like toxins in the body.

I think it is important for a person to explore the reason for their headache(s). After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once it is clear why a person gets a headache, then it will be easier to get rid of it or prevent it in the first place.

The first thing to do at the first sign of a headache is to drink a glass of water! Dehydration can cause headaches, as well as other pains, so its always a good idea to get dehydrated first and see if it goes away or not.

My go to headache remedy has always been lavender oil. I simply rub a few drops on my  temples and the soothing aroma instantly helps to relieve the pain and tension of my headache. This method of healing is actually considered aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the use of the essential oils of plants for medicinal purposes. Lavender is one of a few oils that can actually be applied directly to the skin, so please be careful when starting to incorporate essential oils into your life, because some are very dangerous if put on the skin or ingested. Your local library should carry at least one book on the subject, or explore online if you are considering using a certain essential oil.

Another great tip for getting rid of a headache is to eat an apple. They are packed full of nutrition, and when eaten help give the body the strength it needs to get rid of your headache.

The same can be said for lemons. Drinking the juice of one lemon in a glass of purified water, and then taking the rind and rubbing that on your temple (be careful as lemon oil causes the skin to be very sensitive to sunlight) will reduce the pain of your headache. The soothing citrus smell will soon lift up your spirits and help reduce the pain of your headache.

Drink a glass of lemon juice in water every morning, if your headaches are chronic. This will help cleanse your body of toxins, which can be the root cause of headaches and other pain in the body. Headaches can be symptoms of larger issues in the body too.

A foot massage or hot foot bath are also beneficial for headache sufferers. They helps relieve stress and make your whole body feel good, not just your head!

For the person looking for long term relief of chronic headaches, I would suggest eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, cutting out sugar and especially sugary beverages like soda, juice, etc.., reducing the amount of fried foods, and choosing healthy fats (butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil) over unhealthy ones (shortening, margarine, vegetable oils). Another good idea is to start exercising regularly. Exercise naturally brings the body into equilibrium and strengthens all of the systems.

Also, finding ways to de-stress are vitally important. Being stressed out tightens up our body, constricts our blood vessels, causing all sorts of issues other than headaches. Yoga, walking, taking a bath, making time for yourself, or just being out in nature are all simple and easy things to do to help one get rid of stress.

Most importantly, I think that getting enough sleep is a great way to handle headaches. Lay down and take a nap if you don’t feel good. Sometimes a simple 20 minute nap gets rid of all of the pain. If you suffer from chronic headaches, try to get at least 8 hours a night and see how that makes you feel.

Experiment with different ways of dealing with your headache. Of course it is easier to just pop a pill and forget about it. But, when we get headaches, our bodies are trying to tell us something. Either we need more sleep, more nutritious foods, a short period of time to rest, a glass of water, or less stress in our lives. Sometimes all you need is a simple ice pack or hot pack applied to the head. No matter what the case may be, taking the time to understand your body and work with it, as opposed to just hiding symptoms, will give you a greater understanding of how your body works and how it reacts to stress, food, etc… Understanding your body and listening to it are key components in using natural medicine. Having that mind/body connection is a vital part of the healing process.