Natural Remedies for Liver Disease and Hepatitis B

by Purple Herbal

While visiting with my father-in-law, I found out that my husband’s cousin in Romania is going to see an oncologist (cancer doctor) in the upcoming weeks. She’s had Hepatitis B since she was a child, and may be in the early stages of liver cancer right now.

She has a very tragic story. Her father was a nurse who brought home some used hypodermic needles (for reasons unknown), and accidentally injected her with one that had the Hep B virus on it.

She’s struggled with the disease all of her life, and is reaching a point now where her health is truly failing. I told my father-in-law that I would find her some herbal remedies, and email him whatever information I could gather. I manged to come across quite a number of herbs that are helpful for this disease.

Hepatitis B is caused by a virus that infects the liver. Inflammation of the liver occurs which causes a lot of discomfort for the person infected. There’s acute Hepatitis and chronic Hepatitis. My husband’s cousin has chronic, which is the most dangerous.

Here is the list of herbs I found to be helpful for her:

Artichoke (found in most grocery stores) aids all liver problems, helps lower cholesterol
Milk Thistle (common weed) – reduces inflammation, protects against toxins [taking it for an extended of period of time can reduce potassium levels]
Dandelion (common weed) – high in much needed potassium, increases appetite, mild diuretic and laxative
Bupleurum (herb that resembles dill or fennel, found in Asia) – anti-inflammatory, inhibits cancer cell growth, reduces liver disease
Cordyceps (mushroom from China)is used in China for treatment of Hep B, increases vitality from long term illness, strengthens adrenal glands, enhances immune function
Licorice Root – do not use for extended period of time, can cause hypertension

I immediately thought of milk thistle, when I heard she had a liver disease. Milk thistle has been used for thousands of years to help cure a variety of diseases, but it is particularly effective in treating the liver. Artichoke was not surprising, since artichokes are members of the thistle family. Nor was licorice root or dandelion, since I was already aware of their blood cleansing and immune boosting properties. Bupleurum and Cordyceps, however, I was not entirely familiar with. I soon found out these herbs are traditionally used in Asia to treat liver disease, especially Hepatitis, with much success.

I also explained how important the Basic Essentials of Healing are:

1. A fresh and healthy diet
2. Clean water
3. Exercise
4. Plenty of fresh air
5. Moderate sun exposure without sunscreen

Sometimes the simplest ways of healing get lost behind the smoke and mirrors of modern medicine. People seem to want the latest magic potion to get rid of their disease, when it could have been prevented in the first place with a healthy diet, clean water, exercise, fresh air and sunlight. Not to say that all pharmaceutical drugs are bad, because some are effective. And obviously, my husband’s cousin could not have prevented getting Hepatitis B. But our bodies are amazing creations. They have an uncanny ability to heal themselves, under the correct circumstances.

More specifically, when an alkaline state is maintained in the body, disease cannot thrive there. However, the western diet of fried foods, lots of meat, carbs, sugar, and dairy all create an acidic environment where microbes thrive and can multiply very quickly. Not to mention all of the environmental toxins in our food, water, and body care products that are contributing to poor health.

A person’s immune systems can handle a lot, but not if they are constantly being bombarded with toxins, and never getting cleaned out. Cleansing the body internally is just as important as cleaning it externally. Think about it, you’d hardly go one or two days without showering. A month of no showering? No way! So, why would anyone not give their body a cleanse from the inside at least once a year? Instead of having our bodies force us into it a period of fasting, which usually happens when we are sick and don’t get hungry (“tis healthy to be sick sometimes” -Thoreau), if we were to consciously do it on our own we might actually prevent illness. The subject of fasting deserves it’s own post since it is a pretty big topic and there’s lots of different ways of doing it.

There were a few other tips I had for my husband’s cousin regarding her healing which I will go into on a later date. Things like meditation, exercise and diet recommendations, using the sauna, and getting rid of cosmetic and beauty and products that have petroleum based and chemical based ingredients.

There are so many simple ways to get our health back, and that’s what this blog is for: To help bring awareness to the simple, inexpensive, and effective cures of nature that can enhance our lives for years to come. I’m excited to share my personal experience with medicinal herbs because it has been one that has always been revitalizing and fulfilling.