Purple Herbal is Here!!

by Purple Herbal

I am proud to announce the kickoff of my blog, Purple Herbal!

(Purple is my favorite color and Herbal is for my love of herbal medicine. 😀 )

This is where I will be sharing my knowledge and first hand experience with medicinal herbs. I’ve used herbs for almost 10 years as my main source of health care, and the results have been incredible. I have never been healthier.

Herbs are abundant and inexpensive. When used internally, they appear to work on a genetic level that enhances our vitality in a much deeper and more effective way than pharmaceutical drugs. Many of the herbs that I have found to be valuable, maybe not surprisingly, are actually considered weeds. I have always thought it was strange that so many valuable medicinal herbs are marked as nuisances rather than blessings. Take Dandelions, for example. They grow almost everywhere, are rich in vitamins and minerals, and make excellent blood and liver cleansers. Unclean blood is the root cause of almost all disease.

My journey using herbal medicine began when I was researching online how to clear up my complexion with home remedies. No over the counter product I tried seemed to work in the long term, probably because of the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in them.  Once I started using herbs, however, my skin dramatically changed for the better. It wasn’t an over night change, but it was a permanent one that came from the inside out. I plan on posting more in depth about how I improved my skin naturally with both internal and external applications.

This blog will be focused mainly on herbal medicine, and how it can improve one’s well-being. But, I also want to include other natural treatments that I have found to be beneficial. Things like facial yoga, skin brushing for reducing cellulite and increasing circulation, cold water applications to prevent varicose veins, and the benefits of using a sauna are just some of the topics I would like to discuss. I might even suggest some exercise techniques or recipes.

After all, Hippocrates, the father of medicine said “let food by thy medicine” for a reason.

The herbal treatments discussed on this site are for educational purposes only. Please consult your physician before beginning any herbal medicine treatment.